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Anna Nooshin’s first swimwear collection

We spoke to Anna Nooshin in Aruba about the designs for her own swimwear collection, her love of bikinis and the must-haves for your suitcase.

Anna Nooshin poses in her first swimwear collection for Hunkemöller in Aruba. Anna is well-known for her sense of fashion, so it is not surprising that the collection is inspired by her dazzling, enterprising lifestyle as a top blogger, vlogger, TV presenter and author. Curious about the ideas behind the Anna Nooshin swimwear collection? Anna reveals them here.

First things first: How does it feel to design your own swimwear collection?
Maybe even better than designing your own lingerie collection, even though I genuinely value both and couldn’t choose between them. We never dared to dream that the lingerie collection would be so successful and I hope that we can move in the same direction with the swimwear collection.

What emotions would you like to stir with your first swimwear collection?
A sense of empowerment, effortless sexiness and comfort. When it comes to swimwear, I think the most important aspect is comfort and that is why we have focussed on the functional aspect in this collection. Women with a larger bust but a smaller waist can adjust all of the straps themselves and the bottoms are also extra small, a first for Hunkemöller. I would also like every woman that wears one of our items to feel sexy and self-confident. I don’t want them to be concerned about loose straps, irritating pinching or an overly wide/tight fit.

What are you most proud of?
That it is a collection that really links into my lingerie collection but that, simultaneously, it feels completely familiar and cool. That it has a rawer touch to it. That we’ve been able to use the most beautiful fabrics. That, as far as I’m concerned, it suits the woman of today and that it all sits so perfectly on the various body shapes.

What is your signature look when it comes to swimwear? How many do you have?
A huge amount. I have noticed that I’m a real fan of swimsuits, I love them. I prefer the old fashioned, Pamela Anderson ‘fit’ with a high cut, and I’m quite partial to the side-boob. A good swimsuit can really flatter your body. So, in the coming months, you will often see me in one of the two swimsuits from my collection.

What goes into your suitcase when you travel and what can’t you do without?
Suncream, always factor 50
Disinfectant gel, I’m a bacteriaphobe
A hat/cap for the sun
Polaroid camera
A good book
Camera chargers and a plug adapter
My own bath robe from the Anna Nooshin x Hunkemöller collection and the pyjamas also come with me every time I travel

Fashionistas be aware! The Anna Nooshin for Hunkemöller swimwear collection is online from mid-February and will also be available in selected Hunkemöller stores. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates on #AnnaforHKM.