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Find your favourite fit

Having a hard time finding the perfect bra? Not anymore! In 4 steps you’ll find your ideal match, and from now on it’ll be super easy to grab yourself a new set in one of our stores or online. Read on to find out which fit is the best fit for you!

Following the success of our Sexy Shapes tool (with 1 million registered users!), we want to give even better advice to our fans on finding the perfectly fitting bra. The four steps we have developed under the name “Favourite Fits” will enable our fans to find their favourite fit. All bras of the same fit will fit exactly the same.

The 4 steps are shown below:

Favourite fits

Example: Our Shero Sophie recently had herself measured in the store, but she chose different types of bras based on her personal taste. After wearing each one for a day, she found that not every model was perfectly suited to the shape of her bust. She went back to the store because she was curious to see which model was her perfect fit.

The assistant looked at the fullness of her breasts, the space between her breasts and Sophie’s chest circumference. The Delicious Demi turned out to be her Sexy Shape. After that, the assistant determined her fit – the One & Only was her perfect match. Now Sophie can buy this type of bra either online or in-store in any colour and style she likes, and she can be sure it will always fit her perfectly! With the unique characteristics of each fit, there’s something suitable for every day and occasion.

It’s great that Sophie has found her favourite fit. Now it’s your turn! We’ll be happy to help you find your favourite fit. See you soon 🙂