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Interview bra designer NOIR collection

Looking for something seductive, something to treat yourself? The NOIR collection is definitely your perfect match. Find below the interview with Bra Designer Marine.

How long does it take you to design a collection?
The design process as sketching is not really long by itself. What takes the most of time in designing a collection is to think about the story you want to tell, the colours you want to use and the fabrics which will make your products amazing. Especially for NOIR collection, I’m using only “special” laces, which look really different from our core collection ones and for which I have a real “crush”.

What is the message behind the Noir collection?
It’s quite simple : Treat yourself ! NOIR is all about details, luxurious fabrics, high level of workmanship : so everything’s done to make my customer feels special and ultra glamourous.

What’s the Noir woman like?
She likes lingerie for herself, not especially to seduce anyone. She knows lingerie, that’s why she’s buying in our Premium collection as she can find there the level she’s looking for. Sophisticated, confident, glamour, she’s an independent but ultra feminine woman.

What’s the inspiration for this collection and how do you keep things fresh season after season?
NOIR is a combination of true lingerie codes and fashion, so there will always be a range with satin fabric pleats for example – as this kind of product is the “heart” of NOIR since its beginning.

For this one, I was driven by keeping some true lingerie details as the quilted satin on NANCY but bringing as well a “bright” colour with the Sodalite Blue and some velvet which is really on trend these days and looks really rich : so perfect for NOIR.

Out of the collection you’ve designed, which bra set is your favourite?
It’s hard to choose only one as I took the same care for designing each of them, so they are all special to me ! But I do love NANCY as you can create an exceptional set with the stunning suspender belt.

Could you give us a little insight about the next Noir collection? When can we expect it in stores?
Next NOIR will be probably more traditional as colours are more neutrals. But I’ve tried to bring some modernity with a new shape (same cup but different look) and an unique lace from this Xmas collection, more “graphical”. Hopefully it will be well welcomed by the NOIR shero at the end of January !

Marine Maquaire