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MUST DO: Tidy up your wardrobe with these handy tips!

Is your wardrobe also so cluttered and looking like one huge mess? Grab the chance now and tidy up your wardrobe with these handy tips! In no-time you’ll transform the chaos in your cupboard into an organised unit, all ready to face the spring without a care! Are you ready to take on the challenge?

A fresh start for spring!
A new season means new chances! Now is the time to take firm control of your wardrobe. By carefully sorting through your wardrobe, you get to find out what you already have and what you still need. Items that you haven’t worn for ages can go, making room for lovely new items that suit you more.

You show it, girl!
Now that the temperature finally is getting more pleasant, it’s time to get out your loveliest skirts and dresses. It’s still too early for bare legs, but you can add a sleek touch to your outfit with a fashionable pair of tights. They are available in all kinds of prints and densities, so handy! See our complete leg fashion collection here.

When going through your wardrobe, it’s also important to check what still fits well and what doesn’t. Usually, you’re not very eager to put on clothes that don’t fit properly, and the same goes for bras. Did you know that your bra size can change due to different things like intensive sport, weight changes, or pregnancy? It’s important to check that your bras are still the right size, and your favourite one can simply be worn out after long use.


Perhaps you are unsure of the right size? Then go to the shop! There they will measure you, so that you’ll soon find out your perfect shape and size. Have you already spotted our new Fashion Fever collection? 20% discount is now available on selected items (go for it!). There is no better moment for sorting through your wardrobe, and making the most of new chances!