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Cute or daring? This is what your underwear says about your personality!

You’ve just found a new bra but now you’re looking for a pair of briefs to make your new look complete. From thongs to boxers… There is no shortage of choice! And yet at the end of the day, you always go for that cute little Brazilian. But as a lingerie addict, have you ever considered why you choose the same knickers every time? Read here what your knickers say about your character!

Thongs: Sophisticated Shero
Thongs, thongs and more thongs! That’s what you’ll find in the underwear drawer of the stylish girl boss. You are self-confident, spontaneous and outgoing. As a thong lover, you often wear briefs to emphasise your femininity in tight clothing. Apart from your lingerie, you only need a bright red lipstick for the finishing touch! Dare to wear!

Boxers: Be-you-tiful
The fact that you like to wear boxers doesn’t mean you’re a tomboy! You prefer not to reveal your lady parts and you’re strong: with or without a man. You don’t like being the centre of attention and you consider it important to enjoy life with your loved ones.

Briefs: Comfy Babes
Briefs are really traditional knickers. Does your underwear collection consist mostly of briefs? If so, you are an old school beauty who likes comfy outfits and is comfortable with whom she is. You stick to your daily routines and you are dependable. Fashionable & comfy is the impression you give when you meet new people in the pub on the corner.

Brazilians: Wild and Free
Lace, mesh or satin, you rock any Brazilian in existence! You’ve got nerve, you love adventure and you are open to new things. You are quite comfortable going up to men and talking to them at a party. You are often labelled sweet & innocent, but after a little while your inner naughty side comes out. Feeling guilty already?

So, which type of underwear best describes you?