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With these cooling tips you’ll be well prepared for any heat that comes your way

If you love summer but have trouble with high temperatures, you’re not alone! If you are quick to feel dizzy, tired and generally uncomfortable, these could be signs that your body is not ‘happy’ with the heat. With these cooling tips you’ll be well prepared for the hot days of summer.

Keep a cool head
Have you noticed you have no trouble sleeping while on holiday despite the heat? This is because you have the right mindset. So, the best approach is to simply accept the heat and find ways to not let it bother you too much. Set aside time to rest and cool down; then you’ll be ready to go once again.

Wear loose clothing
Wear loose clothing, preferably in layers. While the morning may still be quite cool, by the afternoon you will be glad that you can strip down to your T-shirt. And pay particular attention to your footwear. While it’s true that those festival boots make any dress look extra edgy, it’s still advisable to wear sandals when temperatures climb. If you want to protect your head against sunstroke, select headwear made of raffia or cotton, like this Doutzen’s Stories hat for example.

Our tip: always keep a  swimsuit in your bag. That way you’re always ready to accept a last-minute invitation to a beach or pool date.

Keeping cool is key
We have an easy, budget-friendly tip for you: a home-made air conditioner. Take several water bottles and fill these no more than 3/4 full (to keep them from bursting) and place these in your freezer. Once frozen, place the bottles in front of your fan so that the air will be blown across them, cooling the air and lowering the temperature in the room. Pretty clever, right?

Avoid using appliances that generate heat
It’s wise to eat smaller portions when the weather gets warm: your body has to expend a lot of energy to digest any food. Eating large quantities warms you up, which is exactly what you want to avoid on hot days. And to keep your home as cool as possible, it’s a good idea to limit your use of the hob and oven. So, rather than baking a pizza in the oven, go for a refreshing, light salad.

Take a cold shower
Have a shower before you go to bed and turn it to cold at the end. It doesn’t have to be ice-cold of course; just make it a bit colder than you would normally find comfortable. This will cool you down and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Wear wet socks to bed
Yes, we know it sounds a bit strange, and it may not be the most comfortable way to fall asleep, but cool feet will help you fall asleep faster. And a great way to cool your feet is to wear wet socks (and aim the fan at them too for an even better effect),

If you know of any good cooling tips we’ve overlooked, we’d be very happy to hear them. By the way, have you had a chance to look at our swimwear collection? You’re sure to be ready to beat the heat at the beach with these items.