This is the best way to wash your sports bras!

How to wash sports bras:

  1. Wash sports bras by hand with detergent for fine fabric.
  2. Prefer the washing machine? Use a bra bag and a delicate washing cycle.
  3. Preferably wash padded sports bras by hand
  4. Always check the care label on your sports bra.
  5. Never use the tumble dryer but have sports bras air dried.

*The advice in the product itself will always be leading. By using the washing machine while this is not advised in the product itself, Hunkemöller is not liable for any damage as a result.

How often should I wash my sports bras?

You’d might think differently, but it's not bad to wash your sports bra more often. Your sports bra will keep its elasticity when it's clean, hence it will last longer. As you tend to sweat when exercising it is recommended to wash your sports bra after wearing it 2 times.