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  • It is very important to wear the right sized sports bra as your boobs simply need the extra support when exercising. Do you experience any breast pains when working out? Than it is highly likely you are wearing the wrong sport bra.

    Do you want to know if you are wearing the right sport bra? Or would you like to discover which size you should be wearing? Do this test! Hunkemöller has developed a special sports bra size calculator that finds you the right sport bra in three simple steps! Finding the right sport bra is dependent on your cup size and the sport you would like to practice. Based on this, our sport tool recommends the sport bra that fits your needs.

    The importance of a right sized sport bra

    When sporting you make repetitive and high impact movements which causes your breasts to bounce more. When you exercise without a sport bra this can cause breasts, shoulder and/or neck pain and can in the long run even result in sagging breasts. Hence, it is extremely important to wear a sport bra which is designed to give your breasts the best support during exercise. Apart from the protection a sport bra offers, it is also more comfortable to wear one. So it is always a good idea to wear one!