Discover all our different types of knickers

A Brazilian, a rio brief, a G-string.. there are so many different knicker types to choose from. There’s a perfect knicker style for everyone! But choosing your favourite knicker style can be hard if you don’t really know the difference between all the different styles. We have created this overview with all the different knicker styles so you can find out which type of knickers you like best!


A thong is a t-shaped panty with a thin strip of fabric on the back which sits between your buttocks. A thong is the perfect panty to wear under tight fitted garments as it doesn’t cover your butt so you don’t have to worry about any panty lines. A thong has different designs such as a low cut, G-string, high cut and the regular fit.

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Rio briefs

A rio brief is basically your regular panties. It is a panty without short legs that provides full coverage of your buttocks and hips. It comes in different styles such as a high-waist model (sits above your hips) and a low model (sits below the hips).



The front of a brazilian is similar to the rio brief, however, the back provides less coverage than regular briefs as its high-cut so it shows more of your buttocks. Making the Brazilian a sexier version of the rio brief. Due to the high-cut it also makes your legs seem longer! A Brazilian knicker is also available in a shorts model.



A short is a tight fitted brief with short legs. Due to its fit this type of knicker is very comfortable to wear and is often worn to sleep in. This style is available in a low fit and a “cheeky” fit (which reveals a tiny bit of your buttocks).