How to put on tights without getting ladders!

We have all been there: you are not even wearing your tights for an hour (and sometimes it already happens when putting them on), but somehow there is another ladder in! To help you prevent getting ladders in your tights we've got these easy tips!

With these 5 steps you can easily put on your tights and prevent them from getting ladders!

How to put on your tights:

Step 1: Make sure not to wear any jewellery like bracelets, watches or rings.

These can get caught in your tights and create a ladder. Same goes for long or sharp toe nails.

Step 2: roll up one panty leg to the toe-part of your tights

Put the tip of your foot into the rolled up leg and pull tights over heel. Repeat for your other foot.

Step 3: pull up your tights till over your knees.

Step 4: pull up your tights over your hips and waist.

Step 5: enjoy your tights!

How to fix laddered tights?

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, sometimes it still happens that your tights get laddered. A quick fix is to apply clear nail polish on the ladder. This way the ladder won't get bigger.

Tip: the higher the denier, the thicker your thights! Thights with a lower denier will most likely rip faster than tights with a higher denier. Rather wear tights with a lower denier? Try a bigger size, this way the fabric does not over strech!

How to organise tights

You can either roll up your tights or neatly fold them, whatever you find more convenient. The most important thing to do to prevent them from laddering is to store them seperately. Don't store your tights with other clothes (such as e.g. bras) as they could get caught on hooks or buttons. The best way to store them is seperately in a special underwear storage box.

It is also important to wash your tights in a certain way. Want to find out what's the best way to wash your tights? Check out our care advice page for hosiery!