The perfect bra fit

How do you know if your bra has the right fit? With these tips you can check if you are wearing the right bra!

The bra straps

Comfort is key! Your bra straps shouldn't be digging into your skin but also shouldn't slip off your shoulders.

Do your bra straps dig into your skin?

You might be wearing a band size that is too big for you (this is the number in your bra size). If this is the case, your bra doesn’t provide enough support, so your bra straps are doing all the work. Quick fix: adjust your bra straps and loosen them.


Do your bra straps slip of your shoulders?

Then your bra straps are too long. Try tightening them by adjusting them. If you can’t adjust them try on different bra styles with adhesive bra straps or try out a fashionclip to keep your straps together.


The bra band

Your bra band provides most support so it is very important to wear the right fit.

Does your bra band cut into your skin?

Then it is too tight and you are probably wearing a size too small. If you are wearing the right band size you should be able to fit two fingers between your band and back. Quick fix: loosen your bra band by closing it on another hook. Are you already using the widest hook? Then you need a bigger band size.


Does your bra band ride up your back?

Your bra band is probably to loose and you are wearing a band size that is too big for you. Quick fix: tighten your bra band by fastening it on a tighter hook. Are you already using the tightest hook? Then you need a smaller band size.


The cups

The cups shouldn't be gaping in but you shouldn't be spilling over your cups either.

Do your breast spill over your cups or are you getting a so call “quadboob”?

Big chance your cups are too small. Does your bra band fit perfectly? Then you need a bigger cup size. Is your bra band also too tight? Then you would probably be better of with a larger band size. Quick fix: loosen your bra straps.


Do your cups gape in?

Then your cups are probably too big. Try a smaller cup size! If your bra band is also to wide, try on a smaller band size. Quick fix: tighten your bra straps.


Did you know that a bra wears out after approximately 8 months (assuming you wear it on a daily basis)? Shocking right. So if you’ve been wearing the same bra regularly for a longer period of time, it could also be that you’re dealing with wear and tear and are in need of a new bra. If you experience one (or more) of previously mentioned problem(s) with a new bra, then you are probably wearing the wrong bra size or style. Discover here which bra style suits you best! If you experience any other bra problems, you could check out ourother bra solutions. Looking for your first bra? We've got these handy tips for you

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