Bikini bottom styles

How we love going to the beach and have a relaxing day out in the sun! But how annoying is it when you can't relax because you feel you are wearing the wrong bikini bottom style? There are so many bikini bottom styles available that it can be hard to pick the bottoms that suit you best. That is, if you even know what each bikini bottom style entails. No worries, we are here to help! Below you will find an overview of all the Hunkemöller bikini bottom styles so you can distinguish between the styles and pick your favorite bikini bottoms!

Rio Bikini Slip

A Rio bikini slip is a true classic that has been a favorite among women for years. This slip has wide bands at the hips and offers slightly more coverage than a classic bikini bottom. The Rio bikini slip comes in four different variants: regular, midi, high waist, and fold over.

Rio Bikini Slips

Brazilian & Cheeky Bikini Slips

A Brazilian bikini slip (cheeky bikini slip) is for those who like to add a little extra flair to their beach look. This slip is cut higher at the back than a classic bikini bottom, making your legs appear longer and giving you a playful, flirty look. The Brazilian bikini slip comes in two variants: regular and tanga.

Brazilian & Cheeky Bikini Slips

High-Cut Bikini Bottom

A high-cut bikini bottom makes your waist appear narrower and transforms your legs into long, sexy legs. With minimal coverage of the buttocks, this slip gives you a flattering appearance. Combine this high-cut bikini bottom with one of our bikini tops and create your perfect bikini yourself. We offer both a regular and a high-waist version for extra comfort and style.

High-Cut Bikini Bottoms

String Bikini Slip

This bikini bottom looks just like a string you wear as underwear and therefore barely covers your buttocks. With minimal coverage of the buttocks, this slip is perfect if you don't want to see tan lines. To wear this bikini slip, you need to have some confidence, as you'll be lying on the beach with your buttocks exposed!

String Bikini Slips

Cheeky Tanga Bikini Bottoms

A tanga bikini slip has strings on the sides that allow you to easily adjust the bottom. It's the perfect bikini slip when you want to tan because you get fewer thick "tan lines"! It's not the most suitable bikini slip if you want to do many beach activities.

Cheeky Tanga Bikini Bottoms