What underwear to wear under white clothes?

The temperatures are rising and we have exchanged our winter wardrobe for our summer clothes! Of course that white pants or white dress is a wardrobe essential, but sometimes it can be such a hassle to find the perfect undies that don't show! But with these tips you can find the perfect underwear to wear under your white clothes! So no more stressing about what underwear to wear under a white dress or white trousers.

What underwear to wear under white pants, dresses and shorts?

I think we'd all agree that you'd better not wear bright coloured undies under white clothes. But did you know that white underwear will also show? So what should you wear under your white garments?

Skincoloured underwear


Seamless underwear


Light grey or a light shade of pink

  • Skincoloured underwear matches your own skin tone (if you're wearing the right colour) and therefore does not show as there is no colour contrast. Tip: wear a thong or shorts so you won't see any panty lines.

  • Seamless underwear is underwear without any lines or stitches. Another good solution for white clothes as there won't be any visible panty lines. But still make sure to wear the right colour as your underwear will otherwise still show.

  • If you don't own any skincoloured undies you can also wear coloured underwear under white clothes. It just depends on the colour whether it will show or not. You could for instance wear light grey or a light shade of pink if you have a fair skin tone. If you have a tan or a more coloured skin tone you could wear e.g. red undies under white clothes. These colours will show way less than colours such as black and white, as the colour contrast between these colours and your skin tone is not as big . The most important thing with wearing colours under white clothes is that you choose a shade that matches your skin tone as there will be less contrast.

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