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Payment, Voucher & Promotions

Are there conditions attached to using a discount code or voucher?

A discount code can be used once only. After it has been used, it is no longer valid. Discount codes are only valid for orders placed through You cannot exchange a voucher for cash or apply a voucher to an order that has been placed already.

Price information at Hunkemö

All our prices are inlcuding VAT & excluding shipping costs.

Where can I find more information about my Passion Points and shopcredit?

More information you can find in my Hunkemoller.

Where can I find my invoice?

You can view your account statements using “Recent orders” on your “My Hunkemöller” page. To view all your orders, click on “View previous orders”

I cannot redeem the Hunkemöller Lingerie Gift Card. What now?

How annoying that the Hunkemöller Lingerie Gift Card does not work. It may be that there is not enough balance on it. You can check the balance in the webshop checkout. Is the lingerie card unknown or do you get another error message? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Keep theHunkemöller Gift card safe, even after use! Refunds of your purchase with Hunkemöller Gift card will be refunded to the same card.

How can I see the balance on my Hunkemöller Gift card?

To view your balance on your Hunkemöller Gift card, go through the steps of the checkout to place an order. Choose ‘’Hunkemöller Gift card’’ in the overview with payment methods and click ‘’continue.’’ In the next step you will see ""check card balance"" at the bottom of the screen. If you click on this you can view the balance of your Hunkemöller Gift card. Keep the Hunkemöller Gift card safe, even after use! Refunds of your purchase with Hunkemöller Gift card will be refunded to the same card. 

What is a Hunkemöller gift card?

A Hunkemöller gift card is a gift voucher of which you can determine the value yourself. Perfect to surprise a friend with. You can use the Hunkemöller gift card in our stores and online. Keep the Hunkemöller gift card safe, even after use! Refunds of your purchase with the Hunkemöller gift card will be refunded to the same card.

Where can I redeem my Membercard credits?

You can redeem Hunkemöller Membercard credits in all of our stores.

Where can I find the promotions and discounts on the website?

Here you can find our actual promotions .

Can I exchange a lingeriecard for cash?

A Hunkemöller Lingerie card cannot be exchanged for cash. Keep the Lingerie card well, even after use! Refunds from your purchase with Lingerie card are refunded to this Lingerie card.

How can I use my discount code or voucher?

You can redeem your discount code or voucher in your shopping basket. Fill in your code and click on “Add”.

Is it safe to shop on

Shopping on is very safe. We use the secure SSL method. This means that your personal information is encrypted and cannot be read by third parties.

We comply with all the privacy regulations and other legal requirements. We will never share your personal information with third parties without your permission. Read more about security and privacy.

How long does it take to process my payment?

How long it takes to process a payment depends on the payment method. With Sofort Banking it is fast, and is usually done immediately. If you pay with PayPal, the amount is usually debited immediately from your PayPal account. If you pay by credit card, the amount is only debited when your order leaves the warehouse.

Can I redeem my Passion Points Shoppingcredit with my online order?

Yes, that is possible. If you have saved enough Passion Points you can redeem the credit in the check-out.

How is the return amount determined if I return my online order and I have used my Passion Points shoppingcredit with my order?

For each item you return, the amount is proportionately transferred back to your (digital) member card. It can take a few days until this happens. 

How can I pay on

The following payment methods are available on

1.Credit card. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Maestro.


3.Sofort banking.

4.Apple Pay.

For all payment methods: if you return something, the amount will be credited within 2 days.

Will I receive my Passion Points shoppingcredit back if I (partly) return my online order?

Yes, redeemed shop credit will be added back onto your Membercard when you return your order online or bring it back in store. This can take a few days before it’s processed.