Yoga clothing: everything you need

Yoga is good for mind, body & soul! In addition to a good yoga mat, the right yoga clothing also plays an important role. Different asanas (yoga poses) often require different and demanding movements. The right yoga clothing is important so that you feel comfortable and your outfit does not get in your way while practicing.

It is particularly important that your yoga clothing:

• consists of breathable and stretchable materials • feels comfortable to wear • has no tight trouser ends (choose high-waisted yoga pants) • consists of inspiring colors, patterns or designs that positively influence and motivate your mood

Why should you buy Yoga Clothing?


Compared to conventional sportswear, yoga clothing has the advantage that it is made specifically for yoga. Yoga clothing is more comfortable and stretchable than conventional sportswear. T-shirts are designed in such a way that they do not get in the way of certain poses and rather lie against the body. Because if these are too loose they can slip over your head, for example when doing a handstand. There are no annoying seams, buttons or side pockets on specific yoga pants. The sports bras have no fastenings on the back and are more about comfort.


Yoga clothing for a sexy figure

The cuts of the yoga clothing also ensure a great figure. Yoga pants make your legs look slimmer due to the stretchy and light material. The high-waisted waistband of the yoga pants creates a narrower waist. You will certainly feel super comfortable in your yoga clothing. So we won't blame you if you wear your yoga clothing in everyday life. 😉