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Summer has finally started: time to enjoy the sun! A lovely tan session at the beach or relaxing at the pool, both are perfect ways to enjoy your time off. But what if you are pregnant this summer? What swimwear can you wear as maternity swimwear? And how can you enjoy both your pregnancy and the sun? Want to find out how to fashionably enjoy your summer pregnancy? Scroll down!

What to wear?

You are pregnant. Your body is changing: your bump grows, your boobs are getting bigger etc. We all know what your body goes through to give life to that little bundle of joy. When you are pregnant your maternity swimwear needs to be both comfy and cute. Want to find out which swimwear to wear when you are pregnant? Continue reading for our tips on what to wear!

  1. High Waist bikini bottoms
    The High waist bikini bottom is the ultimate bikini bottom to wear in your first trimester. Apart from providing extra support, a high waist bottom allows you to hide your pregnancy. Perfect when you are in the early stages of your pregnancy and do not want to share the good news yet, but also when you are insecure about carrying a little extra weight around your middle.
  2. Tankini
    The tankini is the perfect solution when you are self-conscious about stretchmarks, your linea nigra or do not want to expose your bump to the sun. The tankini comes in many different models and shapes as it is popular maternity swimwear item. Choose a fitted shape to define your waist.
  3. Low rise bikini bottom
    Do you have a large bump and/or are you carrying low? Then the low rise bikini bottom will be your favorite bottoms this summer! Because of its low rise, these bottoms will comfortably sit below your bump allowing you to wear these bottoms during each stage of your pregnancy.
  4. Underwire bikini tops
    f you would like to wear your regular bikini top, please bear in mind that your breasts will grow and change during your pregnancy. They will become heavier and fuller due to growing milk ducts and will therefore require more support. Pick an underwire bikini top to provide the needed support whilst looking as fashionable as ever.
  5. Tie Tanga Bikinibottom
    Another bikini bottom favorite for during your pregnancy is the tie tanga bikini bottom. You can wear these bottoms for a longer period of time since the ties at the side allow you to adjust them if need be.



Enjoying your summer pregnancy? These are the beach accessories you absolutely need!


Apart from wearing fashionable maternity swimwear it is also good to have any of these accessories with you when you want to enjoy the sun.

  1. Sunhat
    Look fashionable whilst preventing the mask of pregnancy. It is good to wear a sunhat when you are pregnant as it will protect your face from sun exposure. When your face is in the sun too much you will increase the chance of getting a pregnancy mask (i.e. pigmentation in your face).
  2. Beach wrap
    A beach wrap is the perfect finishing touch to your beach outfit. A beach wrap is the perfect beach accessory. It is easy to combine and you can wear it in many different ways. Wear it as a skirt around your waist or tie it around your neck as a dress. It is perfect as sun-protective cover up.
  3. Water bottle
    Stay hydrated! Especially when you are pregnant it is important to drink plenty of water and to prevent dehydration.
  4. High factor sun tan lotion
    During a pregnancy your skin tends to be more sensitive due to hormones. When pregnant you will not only tan faster, but also get sunburnt easier.

Good to know

Did you know that during your pregnancy you could go up a cup size or two? As there is a chance that your own bikini tops do not fit anymore, it is always a good idea to fit these before going on holiday. There is a good chance that you either need a bigger size or more support.

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