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How your underwear can help or hinder your career!

Can your underwear help or hinder your career? The first step to succes is to believe in yourself and this requires some confidence. Your lingerie won't be the cause of your succes but it will definitely influence your appearance. Your lingerie can (unconsciously) influence the way you feel just like any other garment. Discover our office outfit advice regarding underwear and discover how this will help your career!


Your posture definitely influences your appeareance and how other people perceive you. When you always sit slouched forward with your shoulders rounded in you have a closed posture which makes you come across as more insecure than when you have the right posture. An open posture (shoulders pulled back and chest up) positively influences your appearance. It will make you look more confident and you will automatically feel this way.

Do you have bigger breasts?


Then it can sometimes be hard to take the right posture. Either because sitting straight will feel as if you are showing them off or because you don't get the right support from your bra. Sounds familiar? The solution: wear a bra with thicker bra straps for extra support. It is also extremely important you are wearing the right size as the wrong size won't give you the support you need.

Do you have smaller breasts?


Then it can also be difficult to take on the right posture especially if you are a bit insecure about them. Sitting upright can make you more self conscious about the size of your breasts. The solution: wear a padded bra to emphasize your natural breast shape or give your boobies a boost by wearing a push up bra.


Whether you have to wear a corporate office outfit (read: fancy shirts and skirts) or don't have to oblidge to a specific dresscode, you always have to look presentable. Guess what? The right bra can do the trick! It is always good to have a couple of bras that you can combine with specific office outfits.