How to wear

How to wear suspenders

Suspenders are super sexy and feminine, but it can be tricky to attach them (especially if you haven't worn them before). But no worries, with these 8 steps you'll become a suspender pro!

What you need: suspenders and a pair of stockings

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How to attach suspenders?

  1. Wear your suspenders over your knickers
  2. Put on your stockings.
  3. Sit down before attaching your suspenders (this way your suspenders will be attached at a natural height)
  4. Open each suspender clip (these are on the end of each suspender strap).
  5. First attach the two front straps, then start on the back.
  6. Place the fabric of the stocking top between the suspender clip (the silicon part of the clip should be on the inside of your stocking)
  7. Gently pull down the clip, placing the loop part of the clip over the silicon knob.
  8. Pull the clip upwards, so the silicon knob and the caught-up fabric are stuck in the narrow end of the clip.


  1. Don't wear stay-ups(these are stockings but with a silicon band on the inside of the stocking top)
    Because of the thicker upper band it is hard to attach the suspenders.
  2. You can adjust the suspenders straps to your own preference
    make the straps longer if you have to sit a lot, or shorter if you are planning to move or walk a lot.
  3. Wear a suspender with at least 4 straps for everyday use
    the more straps, the better your stockings are secured

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