Report: Hunkemöller’s Summer Pool Party

Take the trendy beach bar George no5 with swimming pool in Zandvoort, colourful Hunkemöller bikinis, an inflatable flamingo, healthy snacks and Hunkemöller ambassadors. And voilà:…

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4 holiday destinations with matching looks

Hurray, we’ve got our holiday pay! Do you already have a holiday in mind? We’ve selected 4 different holiday destinations suited for really sporty girls,…

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How to combine the Sylvie Collection

A true fashionista will definitely have 3 to 5 different bikinis in her closet. After all, you wear a different bikini when you go to…

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Get festival-ready with these must-have items

The festival season has officially begun! With the right must-have items of the moment, you can create an eye-catching festival look in a snap. Get…

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