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My Hunkemoller

How can I create an account for MyHunkemöller?

To create an account, you click on the bar in the top at 'log in' to go to the registrationpage.

Do you not yet have an account? Under the header 'I am new' please fill in all the requested fields and accept the conditions.

Do you already have a Membercard in the store? Select 'I already have a Membercard and want to register this'. Once you tick the box, you can will in the number of your Membercard (which you can find on the back of your Membercard). Accept the conditions and click on 'Register' to make your account.

You can also register and become a Member via the Hunkemoller app.

Pay attention: you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration. When you click on the link in the e-mail, you are officially an Member of MyHunkemöller. When you complete your registration and fill in all the fiels, you receive 100 extra Passion Points! For more information, see the question 'How do I save for Passion Points?''

How can I log in to MyHunkemöller account to see al my personal details?

To view your account details, click on “Log in” at the top of the page. Under the header 'I am a Member', please fill in your e-mail address and your password and click on 'log in'. You will than go to your personal page where you can find your contact details, Shoppingcredit, Passion Points, order history and many more things. With these details you can also log in on the app.

What does 'log in with my Facebook account' mean?

This means that your Facebook account is linked to your Hunkemöller account and that you can log into more easily using your Facebook name and password.

This option is easy to use: click on the Facebook button when you are logged in on your account or on the checkout pages and follow the steps to connect your account. Or click on 'log in' and click on the facebook button under 'Register with Facebook'

How do I change my address?

To change your password, log into your account. Go to “My addressbook” and click on “edit”. Once you have changed your billing and/or delivery address, click on “Save”. You can also add more delivery addresses

What are the advantages of MyHunkemöller?

As a Member of MyHunkemöller you will get a number of advantages:

- Collect Passion Points with every purchase, €1 = 10 Passion Points

- 500 Passion Points = €5 shop credit

- See your order history

- Exclusive offers & rewards

- Access to Memberdays and other pre sale events

- Personal suggestions and advice via email

How do I change my e-mailaddress?

To change your email address, log into your account. Go to “My profile” and under the heading Personal Details click on “edit”. Once you have entered or edited your email address, click on “Save”.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, log into your account. Go to “My profile” and under the heading 'personal details' click on “edit”. Once you’ve entered your old password and your new password, click on “Change password” to confirm.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to delete, update, transfer or have access to your personal data, please use our contact form on the website:

If you would like to delete, update, transfer or have access to your personal data, please use our contact form on the website:

1. Go to ‘contact’ and fill in the mandatory fields as well as your Membercardnumber

2. Choose subject ‘Data Privacy’

3. Send the form

We will get in contact with you within 30 days after your request. It is possible that we will ask you for further information.

Hunkemöller B.V. is committed to protecting your personal data. It’s your information, and we respect that. Our Privacy Policy gives you detailed information on when and why we collect your personal data, how we use it and how we keep it secure.

*Pay attention: when you have deleted your account, you cannot log in to your account anymore to see your personal data.

Where can I find my Membercard number?

If you have a physical Membercard, you can find the number on the back of the card below the barcode. If you only have a digital Membercard, you can find your Membercard number online when you log on to “My Hunkemöller” or via the app when you go to your profile. Furthermore, you can also find your Membercard number in the footer of the Hunkemöller newsletter.

How can I spend Passion Points?

  •  with 500 Passion Points saved you receive €5 shopping credit. Passion Points are valid for 1 rolling year, the discount credit is valid for 3 months (from the moment of purchase). Discount credit can be used both online and in store. You are able to use max. €200 shop credit per order.
  • Passion Points can be swapped for reward vouchers that grant discounts on certain products for a limited period of time (for more information on Reward Vouchers see “how can I redeem a reward voucher?”).

I can't log in to my account, what can I do?

If you have trouble logging in, first check if you entered the correct email address. If you receive the message “Log in failed”, you may not have any account yet.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Password forgotten?'' to receive your new password by email. Please note that receiving our promotional emails doesn’t necessarily means that you are a Member and have an account.

I've lost my Membercard or my Membercard is stolen, what to do?

Please contact our customer service. Please note: this is only possible if the card is registered on your name.

I didn't receive Passion Point with my purchase, what to do?

When you do a purchase in store, your Passion Points balance will be updated within 24 hours after your purchase.

When you do a purchase online, your Passion Points balance will be updated after dispatch of your order, this can take a couple of days. You will receive an email about this. It may take one or two days before your Passion Points are credited to your Membercard. If they are still not credited after a few days, please send an email within 30 days after your purchase to our Customer Service Please make sure you mention your Membercard number, the order value and the number of your order/receipt – if purchased in store a copy of your receipt in the email.

If you have earned Passion Points in another way such as via Facebook, please include this in your email as well with a brief summary of the promotion and screenshots if available.

How can I redeem a reward voucher?

Within your profile page of the app, you can find ‘My Rewards’. When you have less than 500 Passion Points you can swap your Passion Points for a voucher and receive an online code or barcode, to use online or in store. You only have the option to redeem the voucher(s) that require less Passion Points than your current Passion Point balance. Your Passion Points balance will be updated after you have redeemed the reward. In case of returns of the item(s), the Passion Points will not be refunded back to your account. It is not possible to exchange vouchers for money.

How to redeem a voucher:

1. If you want to use a voucher with your purchase, you have to swap your Passion Points to redeem the voucher. Click on the voucher that you want to use. The details and the redeem buttons are now visible.

2. PLEASE NOTE: this voucher is only valid for 15 minutes after clicking on “redeem"

I would like to receive the Hunkemoller newsletter, what do I need to do?

Enter your email address in the bar at the bottom of the home page of the website and click on “subscribe to our newsletter”. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in this email to confirm your subscription.

It is also possible to subscribe to the newsletter using your account. Log into “My Hunkemöller”, click on 'My Profile' and click on 'edit' and check the box saying 'Via e-mail I want to stay in touch with the latest news of Hunkemöller'. Than click on 'Save'.

I have two Membercard numbers, what to do?

It is possible to merge the Membercards onto one account which means you’ll only use one Membercard. Please contact our customer service to arrange this for you.

How can I unsubsribe from the e-mail newsletter?

If you no longer want to receive our newsletter, click on the link at the bottom of the newsletter. You can also specify that you don’t want to receive the newsletter on your Hunkemöller account page.

How long is my Membercard valid for?

Your Membercard is valid for an unlimited period of time.

How long are Passion Points and shop credit valid for?

You will receive Passion Points with every purchase you make. The Passion Points remain valid for one year. Once you reach 500 Passion Points, you will receive a €5 shop credit. This credit remains valid for three months. Your Passion Points and shop credit will automatically be credited onto your “account”. Please check your current Passion Points balance and shop credit including expiry date(s) in your “My Hunkemöller” account online or via the app. You are able to use max. €20 shop credit per order.

What are Passion Points?

If you are signed up as a Member from My Hunkemöller, you receive Passion Points for every purchase. For every €1 you spend, you get 10 Passion Points. You can also earn Passion Points in other ways. The Passion Points remain valid for one year. Once you reach 500 Passion Points, these will be converted into a €5 discount on your account. This shop credit remains valid for three months after this date. Your Passion Points and shop credit will automatically be credited onto your account. You are able to use max. €20 shop credit per order.

What is the Wheel of Passion and how does it work?

The Wheel of Passion is a game in the Hunkemöller app. This functionality in the app is not available at all times and will be switched on and off within certain campaigns. You can access the Wheel of Passion by opening the app and going via the bottom navigation bar to “more” and then tapping “Wheel of Passion”. You can participate by spinning the wheel, hereafter a prize message or no prize message will show automatically. You can play the Wheel of Passion only during the campaign period with a maximum of 1 time per 24 hours.

Did you win a different prize than Passion Points? Have a look at your inbox in the app for more information. Are the Passion Points that you won not added within 24 hours, please contact for the customer service including your Membercardnumeber and your e-mail address.