Wear Nature's colours

About the collection

Wear nature's colours with Wies, the newest capsule collection in our ‘Together Tomorrow’ journey. The lace in the Wies has been coloured with natural dyes as a natural next step to a greener way of creating our lingerie. We have combined new and recycled material and recycled threads, with colours found in nature. Different to synthetic colour, these natural dyes are renewable and biodegradable. Lingerie just got sexier. Made for your body, with the planet in mind.
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For the colour of the lace in Wies, we’ve delved into the world of natural dyes. Our designers have been inspired by age-old techniques that were used for colouring cloth and we’re so excited about what we discovered! One of these discoveries is acorn dye. This is made by crushing and cooking acorns and the resulting colour is a subtle off-white. We’ve also created a super feminine shade of pink. These colours can fade and change with washing and exposure to light, creating a garment that is truly unique, just like you.

This collection consists of a bra, a padded bra, a high leg panty and a Brazilian panty. Using a mix of new and recycled fabrics, these pieces are sewn together with thread that is 100% recycled, and so is the bra lining and the metal clasps. With this natural next step on our 'Together Tomorrow' journey, our environmental impact will be less

Made for your body, with the planet in mind.

Meet Josefina. Made for your body, with the planet in mind. We're calling her our most sustainable capsule collection. Yet, because the Josefina range is one of the steps on our journey towards more sustainable production.

This journey is part of our initiative ‘Together Tomorrow’ where our mission is to be continuously improving our sustainable practices. Our lingerie continues celebrating your body while also being better for the planet.

The manufacturing of this collection is done in proximity of where all the seperate components are produced to avoid transportation and therefore minimize our footprint. We have spend time to get visibility on our 2nd tier supply chain to learn where we can make a difference.
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It’s time for positive action. Here at Hunkemöller, we create the lingerie that supports, protects, and empowers you. We need to do the same for our environment. We are stepping up to the challenge of improving the way we produce our garments to better safeguard this planet. The fashion industry has a negative impact on the environment and we are responsible for our own footprint. That’s why, every day, we are taking steps to design our garments more sustainable. These steps make up our journey and this journey is part of our initiative that we call ‘Together Tomorrow’. This is our promise to look after our planet. The Josefina collection is just one small step in that journey. A beautiful one. Together we make the choices for a better tomorrow