Meet Josefina

Made for your body, with the planet in mind.

Meet Josefina. Made for your body, with the planet in mind. We're calling her our most sustainable capsule collection. Yet, because the Josefina range is one of the steps on our journey towards more sustainable production.

This journey is part of our initiative ‘Together Tomorrow’ where our mission is to be continuously improving our sustainable practices. Our lingerie continues celebrating your body while also being better for the planet.

About the collection

What makes you truly special are the things you can’t see. That’s the same with our Josefina Capsule Collection. Consisting of a small drop of a bra , body and briefs. We’ve created this flirty, feminine range as part of our evolution. In this small and premium collection, we’ve fused our knowledge of lingerie production with what we are learning about sustainability. A collection that doesn’t just look amazing, it’s also our most sustainable capsule collection (yet).
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We create one of the most intricate pieces of clothing that you will own. The bra. A bra can be made up of as many as 50 separate parts and that’s one reason why it’s not straightforward making it sustainable. We do love a challenge though! Our designers are researching how each part can be made more sustainably. The majority of the materials that form the Josefina capsule collection contains recycled materials. It's our ambition to increase the actual percentages over time. Now we’re using 100% recycled lace, made of recycled nylon and elastane, and 100% recycled polyester lamination for our padded cups. Amongst this we also selected mesh and elastic straps containing recycled nylon in this style with hang tags made from FSC recycled paper.


Josefina Bra - Black


Josefina Body - Black


Josefina Bra - Green

The manufacturing of this collection is done in proximity of where all the seperate components are produced to avoid transportation and therefore minimize our footprint. We have spend time to get visibility on our 2nd tier supply chain to learn where we can make a difference.
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It’s time for positive action. Here at Hunkemöller, we create the lingerie that supports, protects, and empowers you. We need to do the same for our environment. We are stepping up to the challenge of improving the way we produce our garments to better safeguard this planet. The fashion industry has a negative impact on the environment and we are responsible for our own footprint. That’s why, every day, we are taking steps to design our garments more sustainable. These steps make up our journey and this journey is part of our initiative that we call ‘Together Tomorrow’. This is our promise to look after our planet. The Josefina collection is just one small step in that journey. A beautiful one. Together we make the choices for a better tomorrow