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Which bikini colors make you look more tanned?

Finally! Your holiday is finally here! Whether you have a fair or colored skin, we all want to look good in bikini. But no worries, no more bikini stress! With this color advice you will know exactly which bikinis suit your skin tone and make you seem more tanned. Good excuse to shop for new bikinis!

Pale to light skin tone
Do you have a pale to light skin tone? Go for bikinis in pastels or other soft colors! Think of light pink or baby blue. These colors fit well with a light skin tone! With this type of skin tone its quite hard to make use of colors to look more tanned. But you can ensure that you do not seem even paler. Prevent wearing bright and dark colors like black and yellow. Because of the contrast between these colors and your skin tone you will appear to be even lighter.

Slightly tanned skin tone
Did you get a slight sun tan already or have a slightly tanned skin tone? Emphasize this! Make yourself seem even more tanned by wearing bikinis in bright colors such as scarlet, fuchsia pink or coral green. Or go for warmer colors such as beige or dark brown.

Colored skin
Do you have a beautiful colored skin (or are you one lucky girl and going on holiday for the second time)? You’re lucky! Every color will basically suit your skin tone. Want to look even more tanned? Choose a bikini in a bright color (for example yellow or pink) or pick a white bikini! Because of the color contrast you will make your skin look even darker.

Tip: vary with different bikinis. When wearing different bikinis it will be easier to prevent clear tan lines! Are you curious about which bikini styles suit your body type best? Check out our bikini style guide!